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The Business Of Getting A Business Car Insurance


If you are running a business that involves transportation services, getting the corresponding business car insurance should be imperative. This is a special type of vehicle protection whereby cars used for business purposes are provided protection. The protection covers road accidents, auto theft, and auto collision claims.

In some states, if your car acts as both your personal and professional vehicle, the law requires that you have this insured separately. One is your own personal car insurance. The other is your business car insurance coverage.

Typically, this insurance variant offers four distinct protection. First is the property damage liability where the coverage protects you from paying car damages to third party property. Second is collision coverage where you can reimburse car damages due to an accident. Third is bodily injury liability coverage where your insurer will pay for injuries or death resulting from vehicular accidents. Fourth is comprehensive coverage where losses due to extreme weather conditions, theft and other non-vehicular causes are reimbursed.

Given its vast coverage, this insurance type is admittedly a bit more expensive. This is understandable since the vehicle has greater risk probabilities given its nature of use.

However, there are ways to cut down its premium rate. For example, when hiring a driver, get one who holds a clean record. A “clean” driver has lesser chances of getting involved in any road mishap. This is one plus factor for your business as it ensures prompt delivery of services.

If in case the hired company driver has a not-so-clean driving credentials, encourage him to attend a road safety training program. Hopefully, this will help him develop defensive driving skills and help improve your business.

If you make use of more than one vehicle and you need to insure all of these, seriously consider getting a multiple business car insurance policy. Many insurers are known for offering premium discounts when settling for this type of insurance.

It is also possible to pay lower premiums by making use of the “no claims” provision in your policy. Car insurance firms are likely to charge you lower premium rates when they find that there very few claims in your insurance coverage.

Getting regular car check ups can also result in more affordable premiums. These check-ups identify possible problem areas in your vehicle. Getting these fixed in time makes you qualify for more comprehensive coverage under lower monthly premiums. Additionally, regularly-examined vehicles tend to have longer engine life. This can result in significant savings in the long run.

Lastly, before getting that business car insurance, try getting quotes from at least five different insurers. Make the necessary comparisons and ultimately choose that which meets your business needs.