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Securing Business Car Insurance For Your Company’s Sake


Similar to your motorbike or personal car, your company or business vehicles should also be insured. Fortunately, the conditions and requirements to avail such auto policies are similar to regular insurance. You just need to find a company who specializes in business car insurance to obtain cheaper policies.

One way to save money on your business car insurance is to combine it with other insurance such as home, health or life insurance policies. If you own a company that has more than one vehicle or car used for business purposes, it will be a great idea to insure all company vehicles at once. By doing this, you would be able to avail great discounts and obtain peace of mind.

When planning to get auto insurance for your business or company cars, there are several things you need to consider. The following factors may become helpful once you are in the process of insurance application.

·        Mileage – before asking for an insurance quote, you must determine how many miles your vehicles usually travel every year. Longer time on the road means more expensive rates because insurers recognize the possible risks of accidents. Make sure that the estimate of your annual mileage is accurate, because if you exceed that information, any claim you would file might not be considered by your insurance provider.

·        Foreign travel – business car insurance often includes coverage for foreign travel. However, if that does not apply to your situation, then just drop it off from your policy to save a few hundred dollars.

·        The drivers – although many companies have different drivers for their business vehicles, it may help if you provide a specific group of people who would possibly drive the vehicle. In this case, provide sufficient and impressive information about your drivers to gain the trust of your insurers.

·        Breakdown cover – there are some insurers who offer this coverage along with your policy. However, be sure to get as many possible offers as you can. If you think your insurance company’s offer is expensive, try to inquire coverage rates from other companies.

·        Vehicle storage – the company garage plays a vital role in the calculation of insurance premiums. Sometimes, an agent from the company might check your storage to ensure the vehicles’ safety. If you passed, they will probably give cheaper rates.

In the business industry, every company owner should be prepared enough from any unexpected situations. Once you have prepared and secured business car insurance on all your vehicles, all those worries and anxieties will be gone.