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Hunting for Business Car Insurance Policy Made Easy


It is a must to have personal car insurance. However, buying a business car insurance policy is a different matter altogether. Consider this: you have a small business and you let someone else drive your personal car during business hours. When they get into an accident, they could not possibly be covered by the vehicle’s insurance because that is beyond what the policy dictates. Separate business car insurance, therefore, should be considered. This is a unique coverage for drivers who travel on official dealings. You would want you and your employees to be properly covered to avoid future lawsuits and claims.

When comparing business car insurance quotes, you will realize that companies vary in what they can offer. It is advisable to check out at least three options and decide. It will all boil down to which company can offer best service at lowest cost or premium. Business owners like you, in fact, decide on price cuts to save. Most insurers are willing to adjust to a client’s needs, so it is best to discuss and arrive at a compromise.

When asking for a quote from a prospective insurance provider, you need to prepare the following:

  1. Existing business car insurance policy so an agent can distinguish which features you need to add or delete;
  2. In absence of an existing policy, provide a personal car insurance policy which an agent can use to benchmark his proposal;
  3. Information on the nature of your business and how vehicles to be insured are used in the operations;
  4. Specific details of vehicle;
  5. Claims made in the past, if any; and lastly
  6. Information about drivers who will go behind the wheels.

Keep in mind the discounts that most companies or insurance dealers offer. You might want to consider some factors that may lead to big savings. If for the last three years, your business has no history of serious claims loss, you merit a discount. Premiums can also be deduced if you can prove that you have been covered continuously as evidenced by a current policy. Of course, there are also additional discounts if employee drivers that you will list on your coverage hold a professional license and that they have no history of accidents in recent years. Is the vehicle you want to be insured equipped with basic safety features like air bags and anti-theft alarms? If yes, then rates may be lowered, too.

Armed with the proper information, shopping for vehicle or car insurance for business use is easy.