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A Guide in Getting Lower Premiums for Business Car Insurance


Cars are essential to daily business operations. They are indispensable for frequent business travels such as attending meetings, commuting to and from the business premises, and visiting clients. Since travels for many businesses are crucial, cars used for its operations ought to be covered by business car insurance. This is why most business people settle for the cheapest coverage, which is a palpable mistake. Just because premiums for business car insurance are cheap, it does not mean it is the most reasonable. To get more out of a premium deal, here are some suggestions:

Check your mileage. Some car insurance companies would cut a huge chunk out of your premiums if you can show them you would need to travel only on limited distance. If you are certain enough that you only cover a specific distance within a given period, then consider getting business car insurance with a given distance limit and for a specific period.

Check the number of cars you have. It is possible to avail of discounts when you have several cars under a business car insurance. Carrier companies have discount offerings for multiple car insurance coverage. All you have to do is to disclose the number of cars you have to an insurance agent, including the model, mileage, and year of each car. Your premiums for the subsequent car insurance coverage will get slashed off; thus allowing more savings.

Provide a parking space for your vehicles. The security of your car is as much a concern of the insurer as it is yours. When risks of loss are low, chances are you would have lower premiums to pay. Consider providing a garage inside business premises or in your home (for backyard businesses) and inform the insurance agent about it. Companies will be assured that you are after the safekeeping of your ride and they can cut some slack by giving you bigger discounts. This way, your car will be secured and you can pay less for coverage.

Consider your usage. Car usage is different among businesses. There are businesses that use their cars more frequently than others. This is important when insurance costs are concerned. The more a car is used in a certain business, the higher premiums you will have to pay. However, there is no point in underestimating how much coverage you will need for your car insurance. Some insurers will include a car insurance plan in your package when you need it, which will be more reasonable if your vehicle or car is used frequently.