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You Deserve the Best Auto Insurance Rates


Everyone is entitled to the best auto insurance rates. It is just a matter of finding the perfect insurance company to be your partner. Here are some tips for you to get the best auto insurance rates:

  1. You can actually earn discounts if you drive less. Most companies will qualify you to get low-mileage discount if you only drive about 7500 miles a year. On the other hand, some will offer commuter discount if you travel using public transportation during the week.
  2. Get as much as ten to fifteen percent reduction on your annual premium by increasing deductibles from $250 to $500. However, this also means you will have to shell out a larger amount in case you figure in an accident.
  3. Maintain a solid and stable credit history. The best auto insurance rates are offered to those who are financially healthy.
  4. Avoid using your car for business purposes otherwise you will be charged higher as your annual mileage also increases. There is a special coverage for using business cars; you might want to discuss this with your insurer.
  5. Not only good for your pockets, but also for you personally would be if you drive safely. A specified period, usually three to five years, of no history of accidents, claims and traffic violations will make you eligible for lower premium. Did you know that depending on the state you live in, your insurance rate may increase up to 10% even for just a single speeding ticket? Be a defensive driver and follow road rules all the time.
  6. The best auto insurance rates are usually offered to those who live in a relatively crime-free rural community. You might want to consider moving to an area where claims for accidents and theft are nearly non-existent.
  7. Purchase a basic low-profile car that is not prone to theft and vandalism. Just make sure that you install safety features such as alarms and anti-lock brakes.
  8. Be more protected by parking your car in a secured garage.
  9. Get more discounts by getting different policies such as car and home, from the same insurance company, or by insuring multiple vehicles with the same company.

Remember that it is always good to shop around first before buying the first offer that comes along because not all companies are the same. Just because you are subscribed to an insurer this year does not mean you are obliged to renew it with the same company next year. Do your research and study your options thirty to 45 days before your current coverage expires.