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Useful Hints on Finding the Best New Car Insurance Rates


There are several factors that help determine new car insurance rates. The most important of these is the kind of vehicle you have. Keep in mind that if you have a sports car or a luxury vehicle, you would also need to pay more for theft protection. Other factors in ascertaining new car insurance rates include your driving record and coverage that you want in your policy.

Before securing an auto insurance policy, it is best to know what insurance group your automobile belongs to. There are at least 20 different groups that will help determine new car insurance rates, especially when it comes to high performance cars.

Here are factors that will determine which group a new automobile belongs to:

Value of the new car

The price of the vehicle is very essential in determining costs for repair and replacement.

Costs of parts and possible damages

This concerns the likely costs for damages as well as for parts needed for repair. There is a better chance of being placed under the group with lower rating if the costs are lesser.

Performance of the auto

Insurance claims are heightened when the car is of top speed and has high acceleration caliber.

Cost and time needed for repairs

The longer time needed for repairs, the more it will cost. This will mean a higher group rating for a car.

Body shell availability for accident repairs

The ease or difficulty in securing the basic frame of an automobile is also indicative of its placement in group ratings. This type of availability is essential for particular damages when it comes to accidents.

Car security

If a vehicle has good features for its security, then this will protect it from being vandalized or stolen. This will aid in lessening the cost for insurance claims, thus placing the car in a lower rating.

Once you have already considered all these things, it is already time to look into new car insurance rates. This can be done a number of ways. One popular way would be doing it online. Here, you can find a number of websites that provide quotations for premium payments. Since getting these quotes does not oblige you to buy from the websites that provide them, making comparison shopping becomes convenient. Because prices between companies can differ by as much as hundreds of dollars, the effort and time you expended in shopping around would be worth it.