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The Best Auto Insurance Rates and How to Get Them


Owning a car brings about a sense of pride and accomplishment. Getting into the driver’s seat and gripping the steering wheel for the first time, drivers can feel the energy between the card and its owner. New car smell also perforates the proud new owner’s nose as his senses tingle. And then, reality hits them. Car insurance. It’s something that no one can escape from. On top of the new vehicle’s price, driver’s have to shell out more money every year.

The principle of insurance can baffle many drivers. Basically, consumers have to buy insurance coverage and hope for the best that they won’t need it. With the economic recession still holding the nation firmly in its grip, finding the best auto insurance rates can spell the difference between substantial savings and unwanted expenses.

What most Americans cannot fully understand is that they themselves can look for the best auto insurance rates suited for their needs. They simply need to exert a bit of effort. There are hundreds of auto insurance providers offering their products and services to millions of drivers. Finding the right one is a certainty especially with new ways to compare and avail of coverage.

Most insurance providers offer substantial discounts in special cases. Drivers can ask for lower rates simply by knowing the factors or aspects that insurance companies look for in a policyholder.

Statistically speaking, younger drivers are more accident-prone. Their driving habits and behaviors can often lead to more car accidents. Because of this fact, providers usually charge them with higher premiums. A motorist who is considered high risk will definitely get higher insurance expenses. Teenaged motorists, however, can avail of special “good student” discounts offered by many insurers. Providers know that students who do well in school are more responsible than those who do not fare as well. Students can make use of this and get the best auto insurance rates.

A clean driving record and a spotless driving history can also earn drivers brownie points with their insurance providers. Safe motorists are less likely to get involved in a car crash and present less of a risk to insure. Even if they get in an accident, the likelihood of them being at fault is practically nil. Many insurers acknowledge this and offer cautious motorists with the best auto insurance rates they can avail.

Drivers can also choose to increase their deductibles to have lower insurance premiums. By deciding to pay for minor fender benders, car owners can save up to 30 percent on their premiums each year.