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All drivers around the United States are required by law to have insurance coverage. Local authorities of each state may suspend or revoke the driver’s license and car registration of people who are caught driving without coverage. In Portland, Arkansas, local authorities are quite strict when it comes to implementing auto insurance laws so if you happen to live in this part of the country; be sure to have a valid auto insurance certificate with you when driving.

How much coverage do you need? In Arkansas, drivers are required to get minimum bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person injured. Minimum property damage coverage is pegged at $25,000.00. However, most experts suggest that drivers should get more than the minimum coverage to stay fully protected. Bear in mind that Arkansas is a tort state so drivers who are at fault get to pay for medical bills and property damages resulting from the accident. Moreover, in Arkansas, victims are allowed to sue drivers who are at fault and seek damages for suffering, pain, lost wages and others. As it is, the amount of damages in these cases can be quite high so if you happen to be the driver at fault, you could end up in a lot of financial troubles. To avoid possible financial ruins, consider getting higher coverage.

To stay fully protected, look into buying optional coverage such as medical payments, collision and comprehensive coverage. Yes, optional coverage can drive up the cost of vehicle premiums, but they can also save you from a lot of troubles. Note that medical payments coverage will take care of hospital bills if ever you need treatments after an accident occurs. On the other hand, collision and comprehensive insurance take care of your car. If a car sustains damages or gets totaled during the accident, a car owner’s collision coverage will pay for repairs or replacement. As for comprehensive insurance, it protects your car against fire, flood, vandalism and theft.

Will full insurance protection cost blow a large hole on your budget? Not necessarily. Insurance costs around Arkansas are some of the lowest in the country today. Experts estimate the average premium in this state to be just around $684 to $700. Besides, you can always reduce the cost of premiums by asking for discounts from insurers. Most insurers around Portland give huge discounts to drivers who have completed government approved safe driving courses. They also give discounts to drivers who install safety devices into their cars and to those drivers who maintain clean driving records.