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Not to Spend More on Car Insurance Policies


Yes! It is possible. Just like having a soda with zero percent sugar, it is also possible for someone to save on his monthly or annual car insurance policy. How so? This may sound simple as adding one–digit numbers but believe it or not, having a car alarm and a seatbelt will do. So what more if a policy holder is willing to go the extra mile and have his car mechanic overhaul his car at least once a month or have an anti-theft device installed?  These are just some of the examples that can prove to us that there are ways, indeed.

Another thing that is considered to have a lasting effect on one’s insurance policy is to be branded by car insurance companies as a non high risk policy holder. This only means that you have to keep a clean record on the road. Avoid speeding tickets, it also pays to have extended patience during rush hours to avoid road rage that comes from being “highly urbanized” (the prize of industrialization), never leaving a luxury car unattended and practicing good driving habit (never drink and drive) are ways that will surely lower someone’s policy.

The list does not end there; a policy holder is also given discounts if he also is armed with a good credit history. Believe it or not, the habit of maxing out one’s credit card affects one’s policies in ways that hurt a monthly budget. How we handle our debts is important not only to prospective employers these days but also to our reputation in the eyes of car insurance companies. We are simply judged with information on our credit reports so it is always wise to invest in it.

The Good thing is, there has been news that a lot of companies are already rising above the current recession at present, so it is not a shock to see different companies once again, being kind when it comes to their policy rules. While we can always take advantage on this “new light”, we can also make sure to have security and safety devices (airbags, car alarms, new sturdy seatbelts, etc) before renewing our contracts. This will make sure that we can avail of the discounts that are offered in ‘new light” by car insurance companies.

When we try on different ways to save from our policies, we are making sure that we pay for what we truly deserve and make the most out of our hard-earned cash say that we are truly smart policy holders.