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Best auto insurance rates for those who drive a lot


It is often told to you that your auto insurance rate goes down as you drive less. However, if you are one of those, who have to commute long distances to work or who have to drive a lot for various reasons, all isn’t lost either. There are several things you can do to bring down the premium to a more acceptable and reasonable figure. Here are some steps that you can take. 

Start shopping at least a month before your auto insurance expires 

Instead of renewing blindly, go out and check what the rates are in the market. Auto insurance industry is quite dynamic and the rates do change a lot these days. If you had a good year without any accidents or claims, then it is all the more reason for you to look out for the best rates from auto insurance companies. In the very least, shopping outside will give you more information in order to negotiate with your auto insurance company at the time of insurance renewal. 

Seek discount for your record 

If you have a clean traffic record and haven’t been involved in any accidents for a long time, in spite of the fact that you drive a lot, you need to seek discounts from the auto insurance companies. If you haven’t violated any traffic rules then you must seek the attention of the auto insurance company to get a discount. There are several insurance companies which are likely to offer a discount for a clean record over a period of 3 years, if your company doesn’t. 

Add safety features to your car 

One of the best ways to get good auto insurance rates is to add more and more safety features to your car. These includes airbags, anti-theft mechanisms, navigation assistance, etc. which will make your car safer and thereby reduce the risk of claims as far as auto insurance companies are concerned. 

Take a driving course 

Good drivers with cognizance of the rules of the road are always safer than those who are reckless and not well aware of the best practices while driving. Take a driving course and get a certification. This will help you convince the auto insurance companies that you are a safer bet compared to a lot of other drivers on the road, specifically because you have better understanding of the rules of the road. The certification will also help you be a better driver for your own safety.