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Bad Driving History Can Pump Up Premiums


There are many factors that would affect the price of car insurance premiums. One of these is driving history. Depending on the basis of each indemnity company, the price may differ accordingly. But the point is, the more tickets you collect, the higher your premium will be.

What are the things to remember if you know the fact that your driving record is not the best? There are still remedies but you must act on every item one at a time. For example, since you have collected a lot of violation tickets, it is best if you will straighten out all those tickets as soon as possible. Pay all the fines and try to be more cautious the next time you set foot on the accelerator. Remember that a simple violation ticket can cause you two to four points on your driving record. It is always best to be driving defensively.

Another thing to consider to possibly lower you auto insurance premium is to enroll in a driving school. The good thing about being enrolled in a driving school is that the institution can recommend you to your auto insurance company in getting a discount since you have been refreshed with the basics of defensive driving. It might not be a big change in your premium but it would still help in the long run.

There are other things that you can do to lower your premium. Since you are considered a high risk driver, one thing that you can do to lower premium is by switching into a less expensive car and make sure to install safety gadgets such as airbags and seatbelts. This will cut a certain amount in your car insurance. It maybe a little amount but then it is still a discount compared to not having a discount at all. Remember that every penny counts.

We all know that having a bad driving history will make a higher car indemnity premium but if there is a will, there will always be a way to find cheap car indemnity that would be reasonable considering your driving history.

To be a law abiding citizen means a lesser premium since you are a lesser risk in the eyes of the insurer. The best indemnity still is being defensive and not careless in driving. Nobody would want to have bad driving record. You are not just saving a lot of money if you follow traffic laws, you are also saving your car indemnity company a lot of money and they will repay you by lowering your premium.