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Three Steps to Get Higher Automobile Insurance Quotes


First time car owners often experience the problem of how to increase automobile insurance quotes from their dealers. Since insurers normally give low rates, owners generally cannot do anything about it. Thus, they end up getting insured for an amount they are not comfortable with.

What they do not know is that insurers just need a little prodding for them to give higher automobile insurance quotes. The idea is to attract them where it counts – that is, through your car. However, to do that, here are three simplified steps to get their attention.

The first step to getting higher automobile insurance quotes is to fix up your vehicle. No, it does not mean that you go to an after-market parts dealer and soup up your ride. It means that you should make your car worth insuring. The fact that it is an old model does not matter – what is important is that there is value that needs protecting. Upgrade your vehicle’s safety features and install security devices. When you are done doing this, you will notice that not only has your car become more valuable, it has also become a safer and more efficient vehicle.

The second step is to start and maintain a good driving record. For starters, enroll in a driving safety course. When you get your license, stay out of trouble. Be mindful of the rules of the road. Obey state laws and comply with all registration requirements. Since trouble is often inevitable, be sure to be the good guy when it happens. What this means is that you should be the one who will be making the move to resolve any issues and to put things back to their status quo. This will earn you good points not only with DMV, but also with potential insurers.

The third and final step is to get a good interview. It is like getting a job – except that you are not selling yourself. Rather, you are selling your car and your driving portfolio. An insurer will be asking you a series of questions and at this point, it is best to tell them the truth. Do not exaggerate, but do not give facts they are not asking for. Brief answers are best.

Automobile insurance quotes are like test scores. The better you prepare yourself, the higher quotations you can get. What’s more, you can also receive a lot of promotions, freebies and benefits if you are a valuable client to a company. Remember, nothing beats a well-maintained car and a spotless driving record. Stick to these three steps and you should enjoy a more comfortable – and secure – drive down the road.