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The Reasons why Car Insurance is required to Drive Legally


It is a fact that it is illegal for any driver, at least in the streets, roads, and highways of the United States, to drive without having car insurance. This is because of the fact that having one is required for you to drive legally. In this case, it may be true that having a policy entails having to pay premiums, which truly drain your finances in a certain way. However, as long as you have car, and do not have to want to break the law, then having a policy is required, for you not to be arrested by traffic enforcers. 

However, why did the government required drivers to have their cars insured, before being able to drive legally? Here are the different reasons below: 

  • There are always risks that you may be involved in vehicular accidents by the time that you hit the road

    No driver can predict when he/she would be involved in vehicular accidents. If that were the case, then all of road mishaps would not have happened. However, drivers cannot read the future, making them susceptible to mishaps every time they take the wheels and hit the road. In this case, the number of fatalities that are involved in car mishaps is already so many, that the government is trying their best to ensure that drivers at least have a financial support and protection to turn to. This is what having your car insured provides. 

  • Not all drivers are as safe as you are

    Some drivers are thinking that they may not be involved car accidents, due to the fact that they are safe drivers, and that they are doing their best to obey traffic rules. Therefore, they do not need to have their respective cars insured. This is a false assumption. Remember that there are a lot of driers hitting the road, and that you are not ensured that all of them are as safe as you are. In this case, there are still chances that you may not be able to avoid accidents that may be caused by other drivers. Therefore, car insurance is required, even for the safest drivers. 

  • To ensure the safety of you and your property

    In addition, by having your car insured, the government are assured that at least, there is a safety net that drivers can depend on whenever they are involved in car accidents. Remember that there are a lot of expenses that will be incurred whenever you are involved in a car accident. This involves the damage that your car had, the expenses in repairing your car, and the medical expenses that you will have to undergo. In this case, having car insurance will surely help drivers in carrying the burden of the different expenses related to road mishaps.