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Protecting your Car Insurance


In getting and claiming you pay-outs for car insurance, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. As an insured driver, there are many details that you may have overlooked or a few rules that you have crossed in your insurance policy. This can make you vulnerable to many possible violations and charges. In any case, there are a few things that out can do on the onset of a traffic incident that can help you protect yourself and your car insurance. Here are a few things to take note of to ensure that you will get the payout from the insurance company as well as protection from any unnecessary payments:

  • Take Note of the People Involved. In a traffic accident, it is easy to lose track of a lot of details. One detail that you should pay attention to is the number of people involved in the accident. Make sure you take note of how many people are in your car and more importantly, how many passengers there are in the other party’s vehicle. Some insurance frauds claim payments for passenger who weren’t even there. Make sure you know who are involved in the accident to avoid such claims.
  • Take Note of Witnesses. In traffic incidents, you’ll want to take in details of any independent witnesses to the accident. You’ll want to hear what they have to say about the accident first and if what they witnessed is in fact accurate. The information you gather is important and should be passed on to your insurer. Should the third party deny any liability, this statement will be invaluable and can be used to protect you from the other party’s false claims.
  • Take Note of ALL the Details. When exchanging information with the other party, make sure you take down all of his or her information. Aside from name and address, make sure to ask for more than one contact number as well as any other alternate contact information such as other addresses and emails. The same goes for your information, make sure you provide the other party with your complete details to cover you end of the insurance.

Most indemnity companies advice their insured customers to carry a pen and paper inside the vehicle at all times in case of traffic accidents. It is also advisable to have a disposable camera inside the car for a more detailed account of any incidents that may happen on the road. With all this information, you make sure your indemnity and your rights as an insured driver are protected.