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Non Standard Auto Insurance: Who are In?


The basic rule of thumb when shopping for auto insurance policies is to understand the jargons and its types. Have you heard the phrase non standard auto insurance? This is offered to drivers who are considered as high risk to insure. 

Who are in for the non standard type? Drivers with the following characteristics are in for the category. 

  • Below 20 years old
  • 70 years old and above
  • With multiple driving violations
  • With DWIs and DUIs
  • Drive a high performance car
  • Involved in previous accidents 

The most striking feature of this is that it cost higher than the standard type. If you are a high risk driver, then you have to pay higher for your premiums. Aside from those, the number of times a driver filed for claims and insurance lapse also matter. But the positive side of this is that you may get more coverage because of your high risk status. 

Car insurance companies utilize various formulas in identifying an applicant’s category. If you do not qualify for the standard type, then do not be disheartened. There is a way for you to find an affordable policy. Policy shopping in the worldwide web is highly recommended for people who want to find the best deal in the plethora of choices. Just subscribe auto quotes from reputable companies with a good financial standing and excellent costumer service. 

However that is just a short-term solution for your dilemma. You can also opt to choose a long-term solution by striving to remove your high risk status. Prove that you are a safe driver.  Avoid violations and accidents because a good driving history will qualify you for the standard or “preferred” policy. 

 If you are a young driver, expect that your rate will drop when you get older. But remember, all drivers are rated according to the risk they carry. To alleviate the burden, teenagers are advised to drive inexpensive cars. The other option is to include them in the parents’ policies. 

Car insurance is a necessity for drivers especially in this country. The consequence faced by an uninsured driver is more expensive than paying for the premiums in a regular basis. It may cost you a fortune if you are caught uninsured or underinsured especially if you got involved in an accident.

There are some factors that you cannot control such as your age, sex, and your geographical location. However, there are a lot more of factors that you can control. Ask also for the type of discounts you can avail to slash some amount of your premium.