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Car Insurance and Car Rental


Car Insurance and Car rental are both important because when banks offer you to avail cars in an easy installment basis, cars became more wallet-friendly. Somehow, cars are not just embellishment in your properties-they have at least become your basic need. But when vehicles or cars have become part of our daily lives, the higher incidents of highway crimes occur. So when you own a car, you should have an utter care and responsibility for it. Usually, government authorities in some places in the world require car owners to have their car insurance. It is better for you to be sure that your car is at least insured just in case mishaps occur.

How about the car rental? Not all people own a car because cars are not that affordable. If there is a holiday business trip, you might need a car urgently. The best and most convenient solution is to rent a car. The problem with car rentals however, is that it is not insured because only a few companies offer insurance for car rentals. Still, car insurance companies have their own adaptation of insurance policy coverage just in case accident happens while renting a car. Those companies offer a great deal of coverage that may relieve you from paying the damage of your rented car.

In case you have owned a car before and you still have coverage back home, worry no more for the insurance of your car rental. The rental company offers loss damage waivers (LDW) and collision damage waivers (CDW) that replace your car insurance policies at home. These waivers resolve the problems or mishaps you might encounter while driving your rented car. Sometimes, LDW and CDW are combined. Some waivers also require extra amount in case of comprehensive collision and collision coverage. In the end, you must still practice safety driving because your coverage might become invalid if you involved into a mishap due to speeding, diving while drunk or other mishaps that are under your fault.

Mind you, the finest insurance still, is the one you have at home. The waivers available from car rental companies are not that guaranteed. Car rental waivers are not needed anymore if you already have comprehensive coverage.

You may acquire appendage through Additional Liability offers if you assume that your own policy has low liability limits. It will cost you $7 to $14 per day covering your car with the range of up to $1 million if you are at fault in an accident.