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Automobile Insurance Quotes for Old Cars


Old cars of twenty years or more are also called antique or vintage cars. People who own such cars value it so much because of its sentimental value. Others see it as their most prized possession since they have been able to maintain an old car for many years. For some, they just want to collect expensive vintage cars as a hobby.

People may own old cars for various reasons, but they all concur in wanting to protect their expensive assets by having it insured. Just as these old cars are expensive, they can expect automobile insurance quotes to be costly as well.

Imagine what will happen without car insurance. In the event of an accident or any form of breakdown, finding replacement parts will be very difficult because old car parts are not in demand in the market. Only a few stores carry these components you might need. Because sellers know that the car parts you want are difficult to find, they can sell it for a higher price.

When you get automobile insurance quotes for your old car, insurance companies foresee this problem and will compute for a higher premium. In case you file for claims with them, they will be the one who will be troubled in looking for replacement parts to repair your old car.

Another thing considered in automobile insurance quotes is the fact that old cars are more fragile and more prone to breakdowns. Even if it does not figure in a car collision, the engine system can falter at any time without warning, just as expected in any old machine.

Computing for rates also depends on other factors. Insurers will check if you have a garage where antique cars will be kept when not in use. Rates may be lowered if the owner has a garage because this way his old car is kept safe. Insurers will also check how old a car is. An older car requires higher maintenance, and therefore will also incur a higher premium rate. Finally, insurers will also check the mileage to gauge how often the vehicle is used on the average. A car that is used more often will be more prone to system breakdown.

As you try to gather automobile insurance quotes for old cars, see if a particular insurance company specializes on old cars or not. It will work more to your advantage if an insurer specializes in old cars so that in case anything happens to your prized investment, they know well what to do and where to go to look for replacement parts.