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3 Smart Ways to Get that Auto Insurance Quote You Deserve


Are you planning on purchasing auto insurance? Then you should know what the three ways in obtaining insurance quote that is fair enough for you. Knowing the pros and cons that these three ways has to offer makes you a smart auto insurance shopper. The three ways on how to get indemnity quotes are made possible through: exclusive agents, non exclusive agents and online providers.

The first method is setting an appointment with an exclusive agent. An exclusive agent is one who works for a particular auto insurance company. The advantage of dealing with this type of agent is having the easy access to all information needed about a company, the services they offer and the terms of their policies. It is an interactive experience which is beneficial to both parties involved.

On the other hand, one disadvantage in dealing with an exclusive agent is the fact that the information he will share is most likely limited to the company he works for. Thus, you might not be able to widen your choices if you choose to close deals with exclusive agents.  

The second method is thru a non-exclusive agent. Unlike an exclusive agent, this one is able to provide quotes to motorists from several companies that he/she does business with. So the advantage is that the information isn’t limited to one company. Aside from that, quotes are also not biased for he/she does not work personally for only one particular company. By hiring the services of a non-exclusive agent, you are giving yourself the chance to decide from a variety of car insurance companies.

The third and last method of obtaining quotes is through online auto insurance providers. One advantage of going online is first, it is the easiest way to obtain quotes because online providers are abundant in numbers. Second, comparing every company’s quote is also easy and would not take much of your precious time. But the drawback of this method is that, you can be a potential victim of a bogus online company.

As a reminder to all planning on purchasing a policy, accessing car insurance quotes from any of the three above-mentioned methods will be useless if you will not utilize policies properly. Not only that, you will also not obtain cheap auto insurance for yourself. Understanding the information you get from any method you use and studying policies is still the best way to save money and lower your premium.