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Things to know in asking for classic car insurance


Auto insurance for classic cars depends on how you plan on using the car. Difficulties in having the plans for the car comes from little knowledge about classic cars and this are evident in both a first time owner and to an inexperienced agent. So how do you start in insuring a classic car?

First, you should ask yourself how you plan on using the car. You should also inquire about the services that your car insurance provider have for classic cars to know how you should use your car. Also classic car owners must be careful in choosing the people they entrust their cars for the repairs and maintenance because those kinds of cars are a big investment.

One basis for insuring your car is the worth of your car; you wouldn’t want insuring your car for a value less than your car. But if you plan in using your car in club events, you should at least ask your car insurance provider if they cover such events. And if you plan in joining a car show, you should inquire if they also insure damages caused in the event.

Classic cars are special, and it is rarely used for everyday driving and so, you should at least insure your car for premiums based on driven miles per year not on a fixed high prized premium even if you don’t use your car regularly. And lastly, if you plan in going out of the country and also planning in taking your car with you, you should ask your provider if they have best car insurance for shipping classic cars.

And in asking your insurance provider for the services they offer for your car, you must ask hypothetical questions so that you can have a good view on how your provider handle the situations you asked for them to insure. You must also be careful in asking those questions so that you and the agent you are talking to can have a better understanding about what you are inquiring about.

Classic cars can also have the specialty car insurance which is sometimes ignored by owners of classic cars although it has a decent deal in handling their car and is cheaper than the regular plans for insuring classic cars. And to have this kind of insurance, you should have or accomplish the following;

  • A daily driving vehicle.
  • The car must be of a certain age or older.
  • You should be at least at this age or older.
  • The car must not be driven more than 2500 miles per year.
  • The car must only be used for certain events.
  • Lastly, the car must not be used commercially