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The Downside of Fast Auto Insurance Quotes


Many people today lead very busy lives. It is common to find people juggling time between work and family. Some take up two jobs just to make ends meet. Others work and study at the same time. As the saying goes, time is gold. Because of this, people are always looking for ways to speed up processes so that their precious time is not wasted. Thanks to the internet, many businesses today can be done online in just a matter of minutes.

The car insurance industry is one of those who took advantage of the internet to offer auto insurance quotes online. Instead of clients visiting their offices, they could just visit car insurance websites to ask for auto insurance quotes. This is a fast process that usually takes up only five minutes at most to complete. However, while many people today are fond of getting auto insurance quotes online, they should also take note that this has some disadvantages also.

It is not always about speed when it comes to getting good customer service. In the case of getting auto quotes online, the time it takes to complete a request is not always the sole basis of gauging an efficient transaction. The problem with online requests for auto insurance quotes is that this is often system generated.

Car insurance websites have query forms that clients fill up to get auto insurance quotes. These are standard and basic questions that everyone may fill up and submit. The web administrators have created a program of calculating insurance premium rates based on the information submitted by a client. Although this system produces fast auto quotes, the problem with this is that the results are not as customized as it could have been if it were done by an insurance agent himself.

The problem with online query forms is that the questions are very limited. If a car owner and insurance agent engage in actual conversation, the agent could better assess the individual needs and preferences of his client. Apart from the basic standard questions, the agent may ask follow up questions based on previous answers he gets. He could then better come up with a more customized insurance policy suited perfectly to his client’s needs and budget.

Another downside to online auto quotes is that the prices of insurance policies are fixed. The best thing one can do only is to get several quotes and compare prices. However, if there is personal interaction with an insurance agent, one could always haggle for a better price or better deal.