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Ring ring-Beep beep: the Danger of Using Cellular Phones while Driving


The search for the cheapest auto insurance premium rate has been the road travelled by people who wanted to abide with the mandate of the law without spending too much or by those who wanted to be protected without disturbing their financial stability.

Indeed having auto insurance is a necessity prompted by the law, the lending company or banks and the human need, which was also stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, for safety and protection. Procedure-wise, availing of auto insurance premiums nowadays are easier and faster however cost-wise getting your car insured is harder and heavier to the pockets.

Indeed expensive rates for you and your car’s protection are common but this does not make it impossible to find cheap rates for these policies. Several companies are wide-spreading nowadays thus making competition tighter than ever.

Aside from looking carefully at different providers’ offer with regards to auto premiums, one can also do things at his or her end to pull down the rate of his or her car policy.

Auto companies measure premiums based on risk factors. If they consider an applicant to be frequently involved in car or road accidents then they will give higher rates of premium to him or her. The basis of this assessment on risk association is more than instinct. Auto companies are looking at several records about the applicant before they grant the application or before they appropriate the rate.

One of the bases is the person’s driving history. How well or how poor he or she behind the wheels will be one of the defining factors of his or her rate.

Therefore, one can do something with his or her rate. Being careful on the road is one of the best things a person can do to be less associated with risks.

Looking at a specific factor we can improve our driving records by minimizing if not totally eliminating the use of cellular phones while driving. According to statistics 7% of the collision n Florida and New York was caused by drivers talking on cellular phones.

Studies would also show that almost all US drivers have the tendency of texting and answering a phone call even when driving. Professionals aged 30-40 are mostly related to this habit of using cellular phones when driving due to the “need” to answer their office- superiors’ calls. This habit is definitely not approved by experts for the use of cellular-phones while driving makes them prone to collision. Talking on the phone will reduce the driver’s focus on the street. Moreover if the phone call is about a complicated issue the attention of the driver might be totally detached from his or her driving.