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Problems Encountered When Filing Auto Owners Insurance Claims


Many motorists get auto owners insurance thinking that accidents may happen at the least expected moment whenever they drive. It gives them peace of mind that if ever they figure into a road mishap, their insurance will help cover for cost of damages. However, the main problem is that sometimes getting claims from insurance companies is not that easy. Here are a few problems encountered when filing for insurance claims together with a few tips on how these things can be avoided.

The first problem usually is that drivers do not immediately call up their insurers to report what happened after a car accident. The first thing to note is that there is only a specified time period to file for claims so it is highly recommended to inform an insurer as soon as possible about an incident.

Another cause of delay in getting auto owners insurance claims is failure to procure a police report. Without this, it will be very difficult for an insurance company to properly assess a situation. They need this to see if filing for claims is valid. Drivers should always ask for a written report duly signed by police officers.

It could sometimes be tempting to sugarcoat a report just to get higher claims from the insurance company. Those who intend to do this should take caution because insurers could deny claims of clients proven to be fraudulent.

Drivers should understand that insurers must first verify the circumstances of an accident before they cover cost of repairs for the damages. To be able to do this, they must be given complete information to assess the situation accurately. Most often motorists give incomplete details that delay the release of auto owners insurance claims. Therefore, it is always crucial to have presence of mind whenever caught in the middle of car or vehicle accidents.

Basic and relevant information to gather are: names of people involved in the scene, names of witnesses willing to testify, address and contact numbers, and plate numbers. Photographs are also very helpful evidential materials.

Some insurance companies prolong the release of auto owners insurance claims when disagreements arise between them and clients. It usually happens when a client finds some of the terms stipulated in his policy quite vague. Some disputes could even lead to lawsuits. This is very time consuming, not to mention that it delays repair of the car or vehicle. This can be easily prevented if car drivers will read their policies beforehand. Anything they find unclear in the contract should be brought up at once with the insurer.