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Planning for a Holiday trip? Are You Safe?


Holiday season is in the air. Right now, there are already plans made and everybody is just waiting for the specific date for a vacation. There are many questions that should be answered before we get into our car and drive for a holiday break. And these questions are often taken for granted if we are too excited for the trip.

First one would be: Am I going to bring my own car or should I rent a car? When you are finally decided on this matter, the next thing to consider is the auto insurance that you have. If you are going to bring your own car, make sure that you are fully covered in case you might be involved in a car accident during the travel.

Another question is: Who will be coming with me? It is a matter of understanding the coverage of you car insurance premium. If you decide to travel with your car, are the people who will be traveling with you covered by your policy? Same thing with renting a car, does your car insurance coverage extend to car rental issues? It is better to know that you are covered regardless of what your choice of transportation may be. It is not only you but also the people who will be traveling with you.

If you are going to travel using a rent-a-car program, ask your insurer if the policy that you are holding covers damages of the rented car in case you will be involved in a car accident. Most rent-a-car establishments will have choices for car rental insurance and most drivers might be getting this not knowing that the auto insurance that they have already covers the car rental. It is better to ask your insurer what are the limits of your policy in order to avoid duplicating auto insurance policy which will be serving the same purpose.

Another thing to take note for car rental is that most car rental businesses, if not all, demand for a major credit card for the rent of the car. Well, it is nice to know that most cards carry with it collision coverage for rented cars. But that is not always the case. It is still best to verify the information with your card issuer in order to be sure that the card carries insurance with it. Do not assume that since you are covered last year using your card, you will be covered again this time. Most card companies change policies every now and then. You might end up driving unprotected.