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In Times of Emergency, Use your Auto Owner’s Insurance


Nearly all states in the United States require car owners and drivers to have at least the Liability Insurance. This minimum requirement is said to be affordable enough thus for most drivers there is no reason or excuse not to get one. Considering the amount that might cause you given that you have met a car accident, having at least the Liability Insurance is highly reasonable. This minimum requirement is just a way of state’s assuring that you will be able to pay for damages you might cause in case of accident. Bottom line is it is still for your own good.

We will never know what can happen while traveling the road. Even if we put a lot of extra care in driving still we cannot be completely sure of our safety. In case you get involved in an accident, your insurance is your shield against thousands of dollars the incident can cost you. But before that you must first know how to handle the situation and file a claim on your auto owner insurance.

If a car accident happened you must first be aware of all the damages or injuries on your part. After looking at your car damages and self injury if there is any, talk to the other party and check also the damages on his/her part. In times like this a camera or a camera phone will be helpful to capture the damages incurred from the accident. If it is also necessary calling and reporting the said incident to the police, do so. The police report could actually help in filing a claim on your auto owner insurance.

Depending on the gravity of the accident, you have to reach your insurance company by either calling the company’s customer service and file a claim or you have the choice of doing this online if the damage was minimal, or by calling your insurance company and ask for representatives to go at the accident scene if the damage is too bad.

It is also advisable to get the other party’s insurance information and be open also to give yours/ among the necessary insurance details includes name, phone number, insurance company, its contact number and policy number.

These are the times when you see the importance of having car insurance for your insurance company will pay for your car repair and if totaled you will receive an amount corresponding to your car’s value.