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How to lower the cost of auto owners’ insurance?


The law mandates every person driving a car to own liability insurance in the very least. This insurance provides coverage for the opposite party involved in an accident caused by your fault. A lot of car owners, do not really buy insurance beyond this point. However, it is imperative and safe to own car insurance as it reduces the anxiety levels and financial risk involved. There are numerous types of discounts which provide coverage for damage repair costs, medical expenses and even replacement cost in case of total damage. Instead of compromising on the insurance it is a good idea to seek ways to lower your auto insurance cost. Here are some methods to do so.

Choose for a higher deductible

By choosing a higher deductible you are asserting that you will pay a bigger percentage of the total cost in case of an accident. In such a scenario your auto insurance premium will be lower. This is not complete protection, but it is a better option than doing away with insurance completely. In this case, you will be at loss if you are involved in an accident, because the insurance company wouldn’t pay completely for your car damage repair costs or the medical expenses.

Get rid of add-ons

There are many insurance policies which come with bells and whistles like roadside assistance, tow vehicle charges in case of an accident, etc. By getting rid of all these, you can lower your auto insurance cost to certain extent. You need to negotiate the same with the insurance agent who is dealing with you.

Purchase insurance directly from the company

There are two ways of purchasing insurance from brick and mortar offices. You can directly deal with the insurance provider and get your auto insurance or you can buy the insurance from an agent who works on behalf of the auto insurance company. The customer service would be better in the latter case, but the cost would be higher purely because of the middle person involved. So by dealing directly with the insurance company, you let go of the additional services but lower your cost significantly.

Online shopping

There are a lot of online sites for you to check free auto insurance quotes. This will give you better idea of what your insurance cost should be, considering the present market condition and the rates prevailing in it. In fact, you can even purchase auto insurance online as that will cost much less.