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Getting Familiar with Auto Insurance Terms


Buying an insurance package for your car is a consideration of three important things which are the value of your vehicle, the frequency of your accidents and the amount of money which you are willing to pay for the insurance coverage. It is deemed more important to understand certain terms used in the insurance industry for automobile coverage before going into the intricacies of the entire insurance package.

Knowing the meanings of some terms used in the insurance industry would help a lot in making you decide on what to buy. The first term you have to get familiar with is deductible. All insurances make use of deductibles. This deductible is referred to as the amount which the policy holder needs to pay aside from the amount charged against the insurance company. The deductible and the payment from the company will make up the policy limits. The company shall be liable for the remainder of each covered loss.

Discounts are very common to indemnity packages that you have to know the differences of each offered discount. The Multi-Car discount is offered for those who want more than one vehicle to be insured under the same policy. This is an advantage for those policy holders who live in states that allow stacking of indemnity or the accumulation and collection of indemnity claims to reach the amount of coverage.

No-fault indemnity is another terminology you need to understand because many states have given the chance for accident victims to sue the driver at-fault if the damages reached more than the amount prescribed by the state. Furthermore, auto-accident victims are given the right to directly collect from their insurers for hospital and medical expenses regardless of who is to be blamed for the accident.

If you may want to know the hottest choice for car indemnity today, you should also understand the PAP or the Personal Auto Policy. This kind of policy is a trend in the indemnity industry today because it has been written in such a way that the ordinary policy holder could understand covering almost all benefits including physical damage protection, medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage.

Aside from the terms defined above, you should also learn about split limit which is an indemnity coverage created with stated limits for different coverage; the length of time or the duration of the policy which is called “term”; and the primary function of the vehicle for which indemnity rates are primarily based on. Getting acquainted with these terminologies will certainly help you to have a good grasp of the auto insurance you are going to buy.