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Checklist for getting the best auto owners insurance


The world of auto insurance is very dynamic and as a car owner who is mandated by law to have insurance you should be on your toes all the time. It helps to stay abreast of the industry as it would directly translate to savings on your auto insurance premium. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you take the auto owners’ insurance for a car. This will help you determine whether you got a good deal or whether you could expect a discount on your insurance. 

What is the model and make of your car? 

Some cars are perceived safer than other cars as statistics have proven. Some cars come with more manufacturer installed features than others. Depending on the model and brand of car you own, you will have to pay higher or lower auto insurance. If you are someone who prefers to pay less for auto insurance and can compromise on the car you want, make sure you check out with an insurance agent what the most favourable cars and brands are from an auto insurance perspective. You can always spend some extra amount on the safety features of your car to save on auto insurance in the longer term. 

Do you own a second insurance policy? 

A lot of car owners miss this point but if you already own an insurance policy, there is a good chance that you can expect an auto insurance discount. This is because you can combine both your policies, which makes you a more preferred customer of the insurance provider. As a result, you are likely to get a discount on your insurance. If you have a house insurance or health insurance or another member in the house has insurance policies for any of these categories, you will stand to benefit. 

Do you qualify for a discount? 

It is imperative for you to question if you qualify for a discount. That alone will help you seek various ways of getting an auto insurance discount. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss them and auto insurance agents will never really inform you about all the benefits that you can get. For example, if your driving record is impeccable, if you are a student with excellent grades or if your credit history is impressive, you can expect a discount on your auto insurance premium. You need to explicitly negotiate with the insurance provider.