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Beware of Car Burglars


Car thefts occur almost all the time and its effects are more than you would expect it to be. As a driver, it is mandatory that you always keep a watchful eye on your vehicle. You will never know if thieves are just lurking around the corner waiting for their chance to steal something or the whole of your car. Of course there are preventive measures in which you may do to keep you car safe from burglars. One of them is those devices that can be installed in your car. Though these anti-theft devices are a wee bit expensive, it is better to spend on these gadgets rather than to find replacements for your stolen car parts or even insurance fees.

Getting something stolen from you is never a good experience, especially when losing something involves your car. When something gets stolen from your car you are in big trouble financially. Not only do you have to replace the stolen part of your car, you also will deal with insurance company. Though there are many tips one can do to avoid thieves getting into their car, it seems that these deviant people will eventually figure out something to steal from you. 

From a survey conducted by the Allstate Insurance Spokesman, Mike Siemienas found out that thieves mostly target cars done by Honda, specifically those models manufactured in the 90’s and late 90’s. The reason – these cars have long lasting engines and are expensive in the market. These Honda parts are an eye catcher for thieves for these parts are high in demand and will sell for about $13K a pop. Because of this, burglars take advantage of these parts and will do anything to steal it.

Because Honda cars are more prone to thieves, it does not necessarily mean that those non-Honda cars are safe. According to the survey conducted, auto theft is one of the crimes in the US that costs the country much money, eight billion dollars a year. Because of this, drivers and motorists alike should find a way to address the issue of car theft.

One way to counter auto theft is installing anti-theft devices. These gadgets are an effective way to keep those pesky thieves off you car. It is better to spend on these items than to spend them on the replacements for the stolen parts of your car. You can buy such gadgets on any auto shop, you also find cheap and reliable ones in the internet.

One popular device out there in the market is The Club which is attached to your steering wheel. It prevents burglars from driving your car. One other effective and cheap gadget is the VIN number engraving kit. This device lets you embed a VIN number anywhere in your car, this way thieves will not be able to sell the car and you will be able to trace it incase it gets stolen.

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