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Why Auto Insurance for Seniors is the Cheapest


Auto insurance for seniors, this phrase probably sends shivers of fear down your spine. You hear tires screeching and see cars careening seemingly uncontrolled down the asphalt road. Rest easy, we are not talking here of college seniors or worse high school seniors. We are talking about people aged 50 and above.  

Now, what is there to fear of senior drivers? Instead of fearing them, you will be glad to hear that this group contains some of the best drivers you can find. Not in terms of speed or ability to squeeze through tight traffic, of course. The best for car insurers, at least, are those who seldom get involved in accidents, and do not get an unreasonable number of tickets for violating traffic rules. According to official government statistics, when it comes to avoiding accidents and getting the least number of tickets, no better group of people acquire this than seniors. Invariably, auto insurance for seniors is lowest in this industry.  

Not all seniors, however, are good drivers. Those aged 75 and above definitely are not good drivers. Reflexes are mostly gone and their eyes are no longer as sharp as before. Most drive too slowly inconveniencing other drivers. They are accident prone, and unfortunately, have the highest accident rate. This group is an exception to this rule.

Insurance companies generally give generous rates to senior drivers. Retirees are their favorites because when done with their 5 day, nine to five job; most seldom stray away from home. They do not have children to accompany and fetch from school. Most are content with reading, watching TV or tending a backyard garden. Most also drive cars only to get some goods from a local store or meet with buddies reminiscing of the old good days and have some beer. The mileage of their cars is minimal and their cars are not worn out by wear and tear. Retirees have no trouble getting cheap auto insurance for seniors.

This is not to say that retirees and others belonging to the seniors group do not have to work hard maintaining low insurance rates. Far from it, they are still assessed as individuals and not as a group, and still have to maintain clean driving records and pay bills on time.

There are other ways to reduce premiums of auto insurance for seniors.  They may not know it, but insurance companies give discounts to members of associations. Discounts may not be much, but added to good drivers, low mileage, good debtor, and other discounts, seniors can reduce insurance premiums by as much as 40%.