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Who Has Higher Prices – Auto Insurance For Seniors Or Teens?


There are two age groups of drivers considered to be the most dangerous on the road. They are teens and seniors. Teen drivers are just beginning to drive and learning the rules on the road. Seniors, however, are the most experienced vehicle operators among all age groups, but their age has decreased their response time significantly. Following are some of the weaknesses of each group that makes the rates of auto insurance for seniors and teens skyrocket.

Senior drivers

  1. They are experienced drivers, but their performance reduces as they age.
  2. Their sense of sight and hearing, two of the most important senses in driving, are weakening.
  3. Their memory capacity tends to be shorter than middle-aged people.
  4. They have plenty of time to travel, but they often get lost due to memory problems.
  5. Seniors are usually too easily distracted which results to confusion and leads to accidents.

Teen drivers

  1. Teens do not have enough time to concentrate to driving because of school and rules.
  2. They tend to be immature and cannot decide immediately which is right or wrong.
  3. They are under peer pressure, trying to show others who is the boss behind the wheel through drag and street races.
  4. They always want to have fun. They do this by drinking or taking drugs shortly before or while they are driving.
  5. Teen drivers love music, and listening to loud music can sometimes cause distractions and takes their focus away from the road.

These are some categories where both groups are considered high risk. In relation to this, insurance companies have increased the prices of auto insurance for seniors as well as teens because they pose a threat of filing claims. If you have a teen or a senior driver, there are still ways to lower down those rates.

For teen drivers, you may accompany them while they are driving to teach them proper mechanics of being behind the wheel. Show them how to follow traffic rules, give way to vehicles and control their temper especially in traffic jams. On the other hand, to reduce prices of auto insurance for seniors, allow them to drive in an area where there are few vehicles and wide roads. They should not be hurried because they have a tendency to panic easily which can cause distractions.

Now you are aware how to save money for auto insurance for seniors and teens, take the initiative and let them know. They will surely understand and cooperate with you.