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When Age Matters among Car Insurance Companies


Everyone who goes behind the wheel are required by the law to get car insurance be they professionals or students. What one should have in mind is that car insurance companies hold certain biases about certain factors when they are deciding on rates. Age, for one, is among the factors that these companies can be very un-objective about.

Is there a particular reason for this? It is the car insurance companies judgment that drivers belonging to a certain age group are less likely to be careless than the others. Teenagers and young adults, for instance, are considered to more careless drivers as they are more likely to drive drunk or get involved in drag race which can result to car accidents. A car accident is bad news for the company who sold the driver in question the policy because it would mean they would pay highly when the policy holder claims his or her coverage. Same is true for those who are over the age of 50 because they are considered to be the ones who are more likely to have bad health that can be the cause of driving incidents.

Meanwhile, companies will consider policy buyer to be good risk drivers if they are within the age range of 40 to 50 years. These are the drivers who have greater chances of getting better deals and more discounts because they are more likely to drive carefully and follow traffic rules. Although those over 50 are mature drivers who will also follow road safety rules, they are more likely to get involved in accidents due to poor eyesight and poor reflexes. This means that those who are not within the age range of 40 to 50 years are highly likely to pay more on premium.

Is there anything a person can do to avail low cost car insurance?

Face reality as companies do. Anyone can get involved in an accident as long as they are driving. In order to lessen the chances, companies who sell policies to car drivers hold seminars on safe-driving as well as refresher courses. If you are buying policy from a company who hold such seminars and workshops, you would do well to attend it. You may have been a fairly good and safe driver for more than 20 years but companies would be pleased to know that you are taking an action to be doubly safe and attending refresher courses. Seeing positive actions from you would compel your company to offer you discounts on their rates.

As previously discussed, policy sellers are not really a big fan of teenagers. However, teenagers can prove how responsible they are and how deserving they are for low cost car insurance through their report cards. Good grades reflect responsibility and maturity. Teenagers can further prove how responsible they are to the car insurance company by maintaining a spotless driving record.

Those who are really interested in getting cheap car insurance, regardless of what age group they belong to, should shop around for policies. There are hundreds of companies selling policies and the goal is to find insurance that is inexpensive but offers quality service.

Hence, while age is a matter of great importance for companies, those who are over 50 are not really a hopeless case where affordable insurance is the primary concern.