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What You Should Know About Auto Insurance for Seniors


Senior citizens are those aged 55 to 75 years old. They may be considered old, but their age sure comes with perks. One of these is the privilege of getting auto insurance for seniors. Such policies are priced lower than standard insurance rates. This is because it is generally believed that older people drive more safely and responsibly after incurring many years of experience on the road. They are also more disciplined, less aggressive, stay on the safe side, and hardly ever speed up.

Auto insurance for seniors is a special consideration extended to the elderly. It is very helpful to veteran drivers who despite their old age, diminished reflexes, and weakened physical abilities, are still forced by circumstances to drive. Your parents or grandparents will be glad to know they can still get some sort of protection that will boost their self-confidence when traveling. There are many policies available for them to choose from. They can study the options along with the different rates attached to it.

Special discounts can be obtained for seniors who do not drive that often. Some are already retired and prefer a quieter life in the provinces. These people travel less often. They seldom go to the city unless very necessary. Insurance companies offer them rebates on their insurance premium because if they do not drive that often, then what are the chances of figuring in a road accident? They can check if their mileage does not exceed 10,000 miles annually and they can be qualified for this discount.

One may wonder why auto insurance for seniors is limited to those up to 75 years old only. What about those aged 76 and up? Insurance companies have conducted studies that reveal a higher rate of serious accidents for seniors above 75. Based on this statistics, they could not impose the same discounted rate for these oldies. Increasing premium rates is one way of already discouraging them to drive on their own. It is not safe anymore for them to handle the wheel. They should instead try to ask for assistance when they need to travel.

Aside from age, insurance companies also study the driving background of seniors. They try to see how many times a person has gotten into a mishap or received a violation ticket. Therefore, if an older driver has a clean record in his past, it will earn him the trust of an insurance provider. He gets a better chance of being approved bigger discount rates in his auto insurance for seniors.