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Tips to save on senior citizens’ auto insurance


Senior citizens don’t really like being driven around and they do not like the idea of giving up their freedom to drive as they get older.  Most often they never admit that their driving is not as perfect as it used to be.  Although there are enough statistics to show that older citizens, especially those who have crossed 75 and still drive, do have a high risk on the roads and the percentage of accidents are very high during the daytime.  Most often these accidents are fatal.

Any automobile accident is a valid reason for senior citizens to quit driving.  Seniors must do everything in their capacity to hone their driving skills in order to be safe on the roads.  Some states do have offers of discounts on auto insurance rates to those who succeed in completing the senior drivers’ safety course.  Insurance advisors can be of great help in getting these details for senior citizens.

There are many ways that senior citizens can save on their auto insurance.  The simplest of them all is to check out all the insurance companies in the area they live in, get quotes and make comparisons.  These rates do vary from one company to another and some insurance industry analysts feel that it could easily be up to 300%.  While making the comparisons, seniors must ensure that they will get the adequate coverage that is required and also avail the discounts that could help in saving a lot more.

Another way to save more is by having a higher deductible.  It is also advisable for senior citizens to have a model and make that is termed ‘low profile car.’  These cars are generally not reported ‘stolen’ and the costs of repairing the vehicle is much lower.

Dropping some of the unnecessary coverage is another way to save more money.  While driving an old car, the comprehensive as well as the collision coverage could be taken off.  Comprehensive coverage is not required if the value of the vehicle is not worth the cover.  This will also help save money.

It would be worthwhile to check and see if having additional safety features on the car will help save some money too.  Seniors could also check to see if they could avail some of the benefits of group insurance or if they are eligible for corporate discounts from their previous work place or former employers.