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Tips that can come in handy while buying auto insurance coverage for seniors


Most often senior citizens do not like the idea of being driven around and will not give up their freedom to drive even when they get older.  They will never admit that their driving may not be as perfect as it may have been.  The older drivers who have crossed 75 are generally at a high risk on the roads and the statistics show that this age group is involved in a huge number of accidents, which are especially high during the daytime.  Most of these accidents are fatal.

Any unfortunate incident such as an accident should be a valid reason for the elderly to quit driving.  Senior citizens must take enough safety measures and improve their driving skills to remain safe on the roads.  Some states offer discounts on the auto insurance rates for those who successfully complete the driver’s safety course.  All these details can be obtained from the insurance advisors and can be of a great help for senior citizens.

Senior citizens can save a lot of money on their auto insurance in a number of ways.  It is easier to check the insurance companies that are in the area they live in.  One could also make online comparisons after obtaining the quotes as the rates vary from one company to another.  Some analysts claim that they could even go up by 300%.  Seniors will also have to ensure that they obtain adequate coverage as per their requirements and can also avail the discounts which can help in saving a lot of money.

Paying a higher deductible is another way that one could save money.  Having a ‘model’ and ‘make’ which is categorized as a ‘low profile car’ also helps in bringing the premium down.  The cost of repairing these vehicles is on the lower side and these cars are generally not stolen.

All the extra coverage can be dropped as it would be unnecessary.  This will also help in saving a lot of money.  If the person is driving an old vehicle, it makes sense to do away with the comprehensive and the collision coverage.  If the value of the vehicle is not worth the cover, then it makes sense to drop the comprehensive cover.

Installing additional safety features on the car will also help in availing discounts on the auto insurance premiums.  Seniors could also avail the group insurance benefits and some may even be eligible for corporate discounts from a previous workplace.