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Senior Drivers and Auto Insurance


A lot of senior drivers are still active behind the wheel these days. In fact, it is not rare to see them. However, this group of drivers in their 70’s and above have the highest rates of fatal daytime vehicle collisions. This may be due to the fact that these drivers do not know that their driving skills have effectively deteriorated through the years.

Because of this, they may also be charged with the highest auto insurance premiums. The reason for this is because of the higher risk involved with them. People under this age bracket have to know a lot about defensive driving. In addition, they should also learn about the different auto insurance discounts that are applicable to them. Take note that senior drivers commonly meet accidents when crossing intersections. Senior drivers should pay attention and really look ahead when they want to change their lanes. This can prevent accidents and save lives. In addition, they should benefit from aligning their tires when stopped to avoid rear collisions when caught in heavy traffic.

Driving very slowly is as dangerous as speeding. This is especially true while on long highways or fast freeways. Road rage can also be the effect for those impatient drivers. Car accidents can be best avoided by keeping pace with traffic flow and keeping to the right.

The authorities on road safety recommend that senior drivers sit on higher levels so that they would see better for at least 10 feet in front of his or her car. This would make a driver see other things on the road more easily. These include bikers and pedestrians. This will significantly reduce accidents which are caused by headlight glare in the night.

Vehicle safety features are also very good to have. In fact, they are essential. Amenities like airbags and seatbelts should be at their best form. Now, they are more sophisticated with automatic sensors and such. Senior drivers should take time to have these installed. A lot of car models actually offer these features and more. For example, a lot of newer models have additional airbags on the side, head, and other areas.

Senior drivers may also look to the alternative of shopping online to save a lot of money. This is actually a key to most low cost insurance alternatives. By doing so, you can see different quotations from a number of car insurance companies. In addition, people on the site can help you with your choices since they know the things which are good for you. Good luck with insurance shopping!