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Minor Claims Affect Low Premiums of Auto Insurance for Seniors


There is valid statistical basis that shows a low percentage of senior drivers filing for claims on their insurance. The bulk of insurance claims come from teenagers and middle aged drivers. Due to minor claims filed on auto insurance for seniors, insurers do not hesitate to lower its premiums, all to the satisfaction of the older drivers.

Old drivers are categorized as those from 55 to 75 years old. The big discount they enjoy from auto insurance for seniors is largely brought about by their many years of driving experience. Like they say, experience is the best teacher. If they are seldom filing for claims, it is because they hardly get into a road accident. Through the years they have already adapted well to many different road situations. They know better what to do to avoid accidents. They can also react better to situations wherein younger drivers will normally panic.

Many senior drivers have also mellowed down already because of their age. If in their youth they found it thrilling to step on the gas and speed up, now they are more contented to drive at a leisurely pace while enjoying the view. In effect, they become defensive drivers.

One thing leads to another. Because of their many years of driving experience, the older drivers are able to maintain a clean driving record. When insurance companies find that they have not obtained any traffic violations in the past year, nor figured in any type of road accident, their insurance premiums are further lowered.

Aside from driving experience and clean driving record, there are other factors also that affect minor claims in auto insurance for seniors. For one, many of those between 55 and 75 years old are already retired from work. Without reason to travel regularly to the office anymore, they stay at home most of the time. This keeps them out on the street and far from accidents. Other seniors decide to move out of the city to enjoy rural living. The rate of road accidents in the rural areas is definitely much lower compared to the crowded streets of the cities.

If auto insurance for seniors is generally cheaper than the other types of insurances, it is because the senior citizens have earned it. At first glance it may seem that it is the power of their age alone working to their benefit. Actually, it is more of a consequence of everything they have learned through the years that make them safer drivers. The younger and less experienced ones could learn a thing or two from them in always practicing caution. Be safe and save on insurance premium at the same time.