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Information you need while shopping for auto insurance for seniors


Most senior citizens have fixed incomes such as social security and will hence need ways to save some money. The first step to take would be to get a quote from any licensed insurance agent or even better if they could obtain online quotes. Seniors can easily avail discounts if they go through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

The factors that one needs to consider before purchasing an auto insurance policy for a senior citizen are:

  • You could obtain enough information on automobile insurance for seniors from the state’s insurance department. The state-wise auto insurance information can be obtained from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • Always consider paying higher deductibles as this will help bring down the premiums.
  • Get some data on the cars that are stolen the least and also the ones that cost the least to repair.
  • Simply drop the collision and comprehensive cover if the vehicle is old and if the value of the vehicle itself is low.
  • Install safety features such as antilock brakes, burglar alarms, air bags, safety belts etc.
  • Check your credit report and rectify any inaccurate information immediately.
  • Avail low-mileage discounts by either installing a monitoring device or by self-reporting the mileage. This is especially useful in case of retirees.
  • If you can avail any group discounts then check on it especially if you are part of American Automobile Association.
  • Enrolling in a refreshers driving course from a reputed place will help avail discounts.
  • Find out about any other discount you can avail when you get the auto insurance quote.

Senior citizens don’t like to give up on their freedom to stay behind the wheel. In the initial stages, they may be able to manage to get to the supermarket, drug store, doctor’s office etc. But as there is progression of age, these tasks may become very difficult especially in cases where the patients suffer from dementia.

When a person suffers from dementia many of prime functions tend to get affected like the sense of judgment, problem solving, and reaction time etc. This can cause serious problems while driving. However, senior citizens with no history of dementia may drive for a long time without any intervention from family members and without any accidents for the rest of their lives. People who suffer with dementia will rarely accept their problem and will continue to justify their ability to drive.