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How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance For Seniors?


A great way in cutting your insurance expenses is by asking for discounts. Getting a discount for car insurance is open for all ages – especially if you are older. Insurance companies often offer discounts for drivers with ages 50-55, considering that senior drivers are less aggressive and avoid less accidents than younger ones. However, recent studies show that there are also a significant number of accidents which involve older drivers. This reality raises the question whether auto insurance for seniors is still needed or they should just quit driving for safety’s sake. However, if you are a really dedicated driver, following these tips and measures will assure you of getting the lowest rates possible for your car insurance policy.

1.    Accidents can be easily avoided if the driver drives carefully, follows the flow and rules of traffic, and drives at or near the speed limit. They seem to be easy tasks for young drivers, but not for seniors. Some older drivers could not follow traffic signs because of poor eyesight, which then leads to accidents among intersections. Paying close attention to intersections may lessen the chances of the driver being involved in an accident.

2.    Auto insurance for seniors can be discounted if the driver undergoes defensive driving lessons and seminars. These would refresh his/her driving skills and be able to catch up with the newer trends in driving safely.

3.    Another important thing to consider is to check for insurance companies that offer auto insurance for seniors that has “senior discounts.” You might be surprised that not all companies offer them simply because they do not think there are still senior drivers in the streets.

4.    Lastly, you may also consider not having auto insurance for seniors primarily because you would not be driving your entire life, and there will always come a time that you should stop. At a certain time in our lives our eyesight becomes worse, which puts us and the people around us closer and closer to danger. If you think you are no longer safe behind the wheel, you can try other forms of transportation like taxis or family vehicles where you just sit and relax.

Older drivers being able to enjoy the privilege of having discounted car insurance is like having the right to function and perform like other people in society, regardless of their age. In the end, as a senior, what is important is how well you have performed and showed your concern not only for yourself and your car, but for others.