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How to avail auto insurance discounts for senior citizens?


Senior citizens can avail lots of discounts and almost all auto insurance companies offer discounts for senior citizens.  Although, this might not happen automatically, drivers who are entering their 50’s could see some discounts in their insurance premiums.  One must take care and check out various insurance providers before choosing the right plan.  All of this could be checked out on the internet and for someone who is not too familiar with the net, it would be best to take some help and guidance with regard to the same.

Provide age proof

When one reaches 50 it is time to remind the agent that there could be discounts that one could avail.  While checking online is the best option, if one is not familiar with the usage of the net, then it would be better to check with the insurance agent about the discounts that would be available.  This could be done either while switching providers also.

Review and make periodic changes

If one already has auto insurance, then it helps to review the policy regularly and make enquiries with regard to discounts as well as other benefits that might be available.  Normally, insurance providers do not provide this information on their websites.

Do a refresher driving instruction course

Mature drivers should take up refresher driving instruction courses as this could help the premium on the insurance.  Most states charge anywhere between $10 to $30 for these classes which lasts for two days and the duration is 8 hours.  These are mandatory in almost 2/3rd of the states and insurance providers offer discounts to those who enroll in these classes.  Normally one can avail a 10% discount if they enroll in these classes but the figures may vary between providers.

These driving classes can be availed through both state as well as local agencies.  They could also be availed through AARP.  One must check with the service provider or visit the website of the NSC (National Safety Council).

Some key features on auto insurance for senior citizens are:

  • Discounts are available for individuals who have retired and for citizens who do not have full time employment.  These individuals are eligible for a 5% discount on vehicle insurance.  However, the age eligibility would vary from one state to another and between different service providers.
  • One could also save on PIP (Personal Injury Protection) where some companies provide discounts for a minimum amount of driving done by individuals who are over a specified age.