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Getting the best rate for auto insurance for seniors


Auto insurance companies evaluate applications for auto insurance policies based on statistics and the person’s ability to pay the premium. The main details that they will be focusing on would be one’s gender, age, marital status, employment history, credit history, and driving record. All of these factors will contribute to the determination of one’s auto insurance premium rate. This is standard. There are no special evaluations for seniors. In fact, they tend to get higher rates than others because of their age group’s statistics when it comes to minor and major accidents. So, with this data auto insurance companies have, how can a senior get a good rate despite the figures?

Avoid accidents and driving violations

According to statistics, older people tend to be more prone to accidents than younger people especially at intersections. Most of the time, they have poor decision making whether to make that left-hand turn, or to change lanes or not and this causes them to be involved in minor car accidents as well as receive traffic violations. Whenever seniors get involved in these types of incidents, it is recorded in their driving record and this affects their premium rate. As a solution, seniors need to practice good driving habit and avoid getting a ticket. They need to be alert on the road and focus on avoiding mistakes to keep their driving record clean. There are special driving courses that they can take advantage of to refresh their memory on being a good driver and this can actually help them get better auto insurance premium rates.

Keep your car safe

If a senior’s car is filled with safety devices, it would help lower down their auto insurance premium rate. However, with the new technology, these devices have become more sophisticated than the older versions and the way they operate is more complex. Seniors need to make sure to keep up with the technology and familiarize themselves on how these things work because even if these are installed in their car but they don’t know how to use it then it’s useless. So, if they are having difficulty with new cars and advanced technology safety devices then it is better to stick with an old perfectly functioning car complete with safety devices, even if they are old. As long as they can protect the driver, it can still pass auto insurance providers’ standards and grant a lower rate.

Shop for quotes

The internet is a very good source of auto insurance quotes. If they are not familiar with it, it is best that they seek help from those how to get quotes online because this is the best way to compare rates.