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Get The Right Auto Insurance For Seniors – Review The Policy Before You Sign


A lot of people find out the hard way that their auto insurance for seniors does not afford them enough protection. Since these people do not have enough coverage, they end paying huge amounts of money from their own pockets on repairs, maintenance, accident settlements and litigation expenses. If you do not want to end up like these people, be very careful when buying auto insurance for seniors. Do not just leave everything to chances. Remember that mistakes can be costly so make sure that you do not unwittingly put yourself in a compromising situation.

To ensure that you have the right auto insurance for seniors, review your policy before signing the same. Read all the fine prints and understand what they say. If some things in the policy are unclear, call your broker and ask for further explanations. Never hesitate to ask questions and request for revisions in the policy when necessary. Remember that the terms and conditions therein are negotiable so negotiate with the insurers. Haggle with the prices and get the most out of your money.

When reviewing the content of your auto insurance for seniors, check out the clause on the right to sue. Make sure that you retain this right especially if you live in a tort state. Never sign the policy that make you give up your right to go to court to recover damages related to accidents. Although you do not literally lose all your rights to sue even if you waive this right in your policy, things can get a bit sticky when you file claims. To avoid problems in the future, be sure to have these types of clauses removed.

Clauses that will force you into arbitration in case of disagreements are also not favorable to you. Have these clauses removed from the policy.  If your insurers refuse to accede to your request, then you should bring your business somewhere else. You are the client here and you have every right to ask for services that fit your needs.

Provisions regarding aftermarket parts requirements are something that you should also try to avoid when getting car insurance. Clauses like “aftermarket parts” and “parts of like kind and quality” will effectively limit your choices when it comes to the auto parts so get rid of these provisions.

Now, some insurance companies include optional coverage into their insurance package. Although optional coverage may be good, they can also increase your premium rates. To avoid paying for unnecessary things, read your policy carefully and pay only for the things that you need.