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Considerations When Getting Auto Insurance For Seniors


Even if you are now retired, there are still places that you need to go to. So if you have relocation plans upon retirement, this should include considerations in getting auto insurance for seniors. This is because the decision to take your car to a far-off place can affect your insurance premium. For example, in rural areas, this insurance type will often have a high rate of approval if you apply for one since there are fewer incidences of car napping and vehicular accidents here.

When applying for auto insurance for seniors, you should also look into getting possible discounts; especially of you have more than two cars. Many insurance companies nowadays offer lower insurance rates for seniors having multiple vehicles. You could even get more discounts if your car is well-taken care of or is relatively modern and sophisticated. In particular, insurance discounts can be availed of for vehicles having several modern features like power steering, power windows, power brakes, air bags located in strategic places like the door frame, in the car seats, on the side, and comfortable seat belts extending from the shoulder to the lower lap.

A sensitive aspect of auto insurance for seniors involves the health of the applicant. It does not necessarily mean an application will be disapproved if you are retired and are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, or some other health conditions. It can still be approved, although you may have to pay higher insurance rates. It is essential then that good health is maintained, not only for personal reasons, but also for your car insurance needs. In this regard, regular consultations with your physician are recommended so problem areas in your health can be determined, especially those that may have implications on your auto insurance.

An area of your health that is worth watching is the eyesight. The eyes are often one of the first to get affected when old age sets in. This will ultimately affect your driving, especially at night. Consequently, your auto insurance will likewise get affected, especially if you declare in your insurance application that nighttime driving has become rather difficult for you upon reaching retirement age. When this is the case, regular check-up of your eyesight should become a habit so proper medical recommendations can be sought. In addition, you should accept the fact that in many States, car insurance for senior citizens requires additional examinations for drivers having eye problems.

Still, age is only one factor that companies consider when analyzing an application on auto insurance for seniors. Having a healthy and clean driving record is also a crucial consideration, and at times, may even carry more weight.