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Auto Insurance for Seniors: Old Age, New Wisdom


Most people dislike the idea of getting old. They perceive old age as a phase wherein youth, beauty, and grace are inevitably lost. It is a phase wherein one seems to be always at a disadvantage because of seeming frailty and obvious vulnerability. This idea however, is highly incorrect. Aging wisely and gracefully is key to making the twilight years as enjoyable as possible. For example, seniors need not treat old age as a curse, but as a wonderful phase in life where rest and relaxation is the order of the day. Finally, one has enough time to tend his or her garden, cook impeccable dishes, and travel everywhere.

Auto insurance for seniors provides elderly drivers the perfect reason to catch up with road adventures that they never completed in their younger years. Even if this adventure is merely going to the local beach or visiting grandchildren, elderly drivers are privileged enough to get low premium rates on their car insurance simply because they are in retirement age.

Most insurance companies offer discounted rates on auto insurance for seniors because of the following reasons:

  • Elderly drivers get behind the wheel less often, so they are less likely to encounter road accidents;
  • Depending on driving habits of elderly drivers, only the most basic coverage may be needed by an elderly driver. Insurance agents usually forego comprehensive or collision coverage for elderly clients.
  • The car of an elderly driver is one of the safest cars in the world since most often they contain safety equipment and gadgets that ensure driver safety.
  • Elderly drivers are required to undergo sporadic medical check-ups to ascertain if they are still fit to drive, and this rule eliminates risks for encountering road accidents.

Getting the perfect quote

When getting auto insurance for seniors, it is important that elderly drivers must compare insurance quotes from several companies. Going online for quotes comparison is the best step to accomplish this goal. Elderly drivers could ask relatives or caregivers to do an online data survey for them. Signing up is easy too, and the elderly need not go to several offices just to compare rates or to sign up. Applying for insurance online is also ideal since an elderly driver need not fill up many forms to get covered with auto insurance for seniors; all it takes is one electronic submission and this driver is covered.

If they are internet-savvy, however, there would be no problem for a senior driver in choosing the perfect insurance package for himself or herself. Tailored packages may even be available, such as those that instantly come with health insurance coverage.