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Auto Insurance for Seniors – Discount Haven


Senior citizens have the reputation of responsibility and prudence on the road. As they say, you learn more when driving for a few days on the road than weeks of listening to tips and tricks from a driving instructor.

This is why most companies offering auto insurance for seniors charge lesser premiums. Moreover, they are given more privileges and benefits for a continued company-client relationship, especially if it is a good one.

People drive their own cars for many reasons. A few of these reasons are the personal security one feels when inside his own vehicle and the freedom one gets by reason of being able to drive. Another important reason is that an owner gets to dictate the terms and conditions of his travel, which is not possible if he takes a bus or takes a cab. This is also the reason why most senior drivers do not stop driving unless they are physically unable to do so. Hence, it is no surprise why we still see a lot of grandparents driving their grandkids to school and to soccer practice.

What is great about this scheme of auto insurance for seniors is that the age bracket is generally lower than that declared by the government. For instance, State governments usually consider people who are aged between 60 to 70 years minimum as senior citizens, while insurance companies would already consider a driver of 50 years of age as already a senior driver. What we can see here is not actually the age of a driver – it is the years of driving experience. A 40-year old who has been driving for more than 20 years is generally known by companies to be a more prudent and responsible driver than a 50-year old who has been driving for only 2 years.

Discounts given in contracts of auto insurance for seniors can reach as high as 50%. Imagine, getting the same amount of coverage for half the price. Moreover, a lot of freebies are offered, such as a longer coverage period, better benefits and free servicing for insured cars; in case a car dealer is also the insurer. However, just because you are a senior citizen does not automatically mean you get a discount. As mentioned earlier, you need to be someone of proven prudence and responsibility on the road. You can prove this by maintaining a good driving record, and in case you have been involved in an accident, by proving to the insurer that you were not negligent nor were you breaking any law when it happened. Getting car enhancements such as safety and security gadgets may also help in improving outlooks for auto insurance for seniors.