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Auto Insurance for Seniors – Steering Clear of High Prices


Insurance plans deal a lot with safety. In fact, vehicle and driver safety are key determinants in premium prices. Basing on road safety, companies in the country have listed two groups of drivers that are considered a risk on the road –teens or students and senior drivers.

The main difference between teen drivers and elders is that the latter do not drive aggressively (well, in some cases at least not any more). Old people can cause or get into road accidents because of the loss or deterioration of their senses. Some are not able to see very clearly while driving at night or hear properly. Others also have a shorter memory span and easily get lost along the way. All of these factors (and more) affect an elder’s driving capacity, in the long run, auto insurance for seniors as well.

Nevertheless, there are helpful tips on auto insurance for seniors that could possibly make grandpa and grandma save on their vehicle insurance. Many of these tips, however, involve safety measures on and off the road.

Keeping away from further accidents is a great way to ensure lower insurance costs. Most road accidents occur at intersections, freeways and interstate entrances and exits, so it is always best to look ahead and stay alert in these areas. Pay attention to the flow of traffic. Do not change lanes suddenly and observe traffic rules at all times. Drive close to the speed limit. Driving too slowly may be as risky as speeding since it may cause more impatient drivers to lose edge and cause a mishap too. Avoid driving at night or when vision is limited.

Since car technology as well as designs vary and change frequently it is recommended by many for senior drivers to learn how to drive new cars. Most new vehicles have new features that when not used properly could cause accidents. In addition, driving cars that require less driving effort (like those with automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering) could help in avoiding mishaps.

Refreshing driving skills and knowledge is another enormous step in lowering costs of auto insurance for seniors. Many companies offer discounts to elders that have undergone refresher driving courses. By doing this, you can be trained in handling vehicles with newer characteristics.

Last, but not the least; follow the general tips on insurance savings such as comparing quotes, taking defense driving classes and re-assessing if your current coverage policy still suits you. Some features might not be applicable anymore plus, your driving habits might have already altered over time.

Lowering costs is easy. No visual or hearing aids needed. Follow these auto insurance for seniors tips and you are good to go.