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About Auto Insurance for Seniors


In general, seniors are safer drivers compared to their younger counterparts. It is because they have more road experience and have been driving for a longer time than anyone else.  They also do not drive recklessly and they tend to obey road rules. Regardless of your age, you are entitled to car insurance, although you may find it difficult to get reasonable auto insurance for seniors if you are over 75.

If you are a senior who continues to hit the road since you are reluctant about giving up your independence, how do you find the best auto insurance premiums and save money? The first thing to do is to shop around on the Internet where you can easily compare costs and products. Some car insurance websites will even give you quotes from a number of companies.

While they still want to drive, older people in general do not drive as much as they want to, only using their cars for occasional or short trips. There are insurance companies that provide discounts to drivers who drive not more than 10,000 miles in one year.

Now that you are retired, perhaps you are now planning to relocate. Your vehicle’s location can have an important effect on your premium. Basically, vehicles driven and parked in rural areas are less likely to be stolen or involved in accidents. If you own two or more cars, insure all of them with the same insurance company. Almost all insurers provide multi-vehicle discounts.

You can also get a much lower rate for auto insurance for seniors if you drive a safe, modern car. Insurance companies tend to offer discounts if your car has safe features such as power brakes and power steering, seat belts that fit more comfortably over the shoulder and lower on the lap, as well as side air bags in the seats or door frame.

Maintain a good health and see your physician regularly about conditions that may have an effect in your driving. Such conditions as diabetes, poor blood circulation in the feet, and arthritis can potentially cause problems that may increase the rates of auto insurance for seniors. Old age can affect sight. Many seniors have difficulty driving at night, limiting their driving during the day, so have a regular eye check-up since many states require additional medical or visual exams for senior drivers.

Overall, regardless of your age, the rule is to simply drive safely. Holding a healthy driving record means you can enjoy lower rates for auto insurance for seniors.