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You can Control Your Auto Insurance Rates


If you worry about your auto insurance rates, find comfort in the thought that you can actually control how much your insurer charge you for your coverage. You just have to find that perfect partner who will consider your qualifications. Here are some tips by which you can get around your auto insurance rates:

•    Earn discounts when your mileage is low, or when you drive less. Most insurers would award clients with low-mileage discounts if you only drive about 7500 miles per annum. Others also give out commuter discount when you use public transportation during the week.

•    If you are able to maintain a solid and credible credit history, your auto insurance rates can be lower too because financial health has its rewards too.

•    Consider increasing your deductible to say $500 from $250 to reduce your annual premium to as much as 15%. Just set an emergency car fund of about $800 per year to cover minimal repairs when you need to.

•    You are eligible for lower premium when you drive safely. If you have no record of violations, accidents and claims for a period of three to five years, that is a positive place to be in. Be a defensive driver all the time and follow road rules because a single ticket, even for just speeding may increase your rate by up to 10%.

•    If you plan to use your vehicle for business purposes, purchase a special coverage for that. If you can help it, do not use you personal car in doing business as that will increase mileage and auto insurance rates.

•    When you plan to move to another community, be sure to check first if the area you are considering is relatively crime-free and has low claims history.

•    Choose a car that is not hot to the eyes of thieves and vandals. A basic car with enough safety and security features would suffice for daily use.

•    If you have to buy a high-end car, make sure that you have a secured garage to park it in to avoid theft.

•    Insurance companies give discounts when you buy different kinds of coverage from them or even just for multiple cars. Schedule your purchases wisely so your renewal rates for all insurance policies are concurrent to each other.

See, you have a lot of options to lower your rates. Some companies may consider all factors, some would not. It is always best to ask around first, read and review quotes to see which insurer will give the best value for your money – one that will sufficiently have you covered without charging you an arm and a leg.