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When Should Drivers Get Auto Collision Insurance?


Since most states require auto insurance, drivers opt for the easiest to get and cheapest type of insurance – the auto collision insurance. Although this is completely legal and definitely fulfills state requirements of at least having car insurance, auto collision insurance may not be the best type of insurance for drivers. This is because auto collision only covers for the repairs and damages the car may sustain in an accident, nothing more and nothing less. This is quite ironic, because the main reason why such a law exists is to give safety to the drivers and passengers, and not the car. Auto collision insurance does not cover the medical and hospital expenses of the policyholder or the other party.

One factor that may affect a driver’s decision to get auto collision coverage instead of other beneficial and holistic types of coverage is the fact that he is working for a company with safety benefits or life policy insurances. If this is so, then the driver may think that since he is already insured, he need not sign up for anything other than insurance for his vehicle.

This idea is still flawed however, as we shall see in this example. Say, for instance, that the driver with only auto collision was involved in an accident. If it was just a minor accident, he need not worry about repairs because of his insurance. The problem is when a major accident occurs and involves physical injury on the policyholder and the other party. All the hospital bills alone could leave the person financially drained, not to mention all the other legal and civil liabilities involved.

One main reason why auto collision is preferred is because auto collision is much cheaper. The rising standard of living and has forced citizens to cut back on costs. Drivers therefore cannot be solely blamed for not getting better insurance; however, auto collision simply does not have enough benefits, and might even put the policyholder’s life (literally and financially) in jeopardy.

It is therefore still wise to invest in car insurance with more benefits. If you simply cannot afford it, there is no cause for worry – there are a number of ways you could cut back on costs. Car insurance companies look at many factors when deciding how much premiums to charge a driver (age, gender, driving history, etc.). You could also compare auto quotes to be able to make the best decision. Remember, it is always best to be safe than sorry.