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The Many Forms of Auto Collision Insurance


For many Americans, car insurance is just a legal requirement. Because all but two states require drivers to have insurance, motorists just purchase coverage to comply. What many drivers and car owners do not fully understand is that auto insurance not only helps them avoid legal trouble, it can also save their lives and thousands of dollars.

Car insurance is not a “one size fits all” approach. In fact, there are as many coverage options available as there are different types of policyholders. Some car owners and drivers would require special coverage than others while regular commuters can make do with conventional policies. In some states, however, motorists are required to purchases added options like medical and comprehensive coverage.

This brings us to the matter of insurance coverage and its many forms. The most basic form of auto collision insurance covers damage as a result from collision with other vehicles. Collision insurance will generally cover any expenses for damaged vehicles. Car owners should note, though, that damage from collision with other objects like telephone poles, buildings, or garage doors, is not covered by basic collision insurance. For these situations, policyholders have to consider purchasing comprehensive collision insurance. This particular option will pay for damage due to collisions with both vehicles and inanimate objects.

Another form of auto collision insurance covers medical expenses because of car accidents. In some states, medical coverage is required for the occupants of both vehicles involved in a car crash. Of course, adding this particular option means higher premiums. Nevertheless, experts agree that paying a little extra for medical coverage can go a long way especially if hospitalization and expensive rehabilitation is involved.

Car owner in some states also have to purchase additional auto collision insurance coverage in the form of liability insurance. This option would protect drivers against potential lawsuits because of negligence. After an accident, the other party involved can choose to file a lawsuit to recover losses or repair expenses. To avoid lengthy court battles, insurance providers would offer substantial settlement offers. In effect, this would protect drivers at fault who have purchased liability insurance.

Oftentimes, car crashes and accidents can lead to physical injuries that may require hospitalization or lengthy rehabilitation. Several states have ruled that medical insurance should then be mandatory for motorists. This particular option of auto collision insurance can help policyholders avoid costly hospital bills and expensive recuperation and physical therapy. With insurance providers shouldering most, if not all, medical expenses, policyholders can find relief in knowing that they are protected.