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The Advantages Of Having Auto Collision Insurance


Vehicular accidents indeed invade our streets these days. According to a study in 2005, an estimated 6.5 million car accidents happened in the United States, with damages summing to approximately 230 billion US dollars in that year alone. If you come think of it, 230 billion is a very large amount of money, and that was just on that year. Indeed, car collisions can be a painful experience and it can definitely hurt, both physically and financially. The same study also mentioned that one person dies in a vehicular accident every 13 minutes – what a terrible fact.

Why is it important to know all these horrible figures and facts? It is because they are real. Somersaulting cars and big, devastating vehicular explosions do not just happen in movies. You need to protect yourself from accidents because they are real. The question now is how you would react to this situation. Aside from driving safely, which is the best possible way to prevent accidents, you also need to get auto collision insurance for your car.

In a nutshell, auto collision insurance provides assistance in the event of vehicular accidents. This would not cover any other unfortunate events that may happen to your car. Examples of these are cases of theft, vandals, fire, or even if it was struck by lightning, insurance policy would not cover it.

However, when it comes to “collisions,” you will not expect anything more from this policy. Most collision insurances cover clients whether they have initiated the accident or not. The term car collision is also not strictly for car to car collisions, but is also applicable for situations when you hit a person, an object, another auto or the road.

Assistance you will get depends on the type of coverage you have. Some auto collision insurance policies also include paint jobs, mechanical repairs, auto part replacement and more. Other damages to objects, pedestrians, and vehicles you have collided with may also be covered, but this depends on some specific details.

If you get involved in an accident and your car gets “totaled,” insurance companies would often suggest that you buy a new car as replacement instead of spending money repairing a hopeless car. Do not worry in replacing your car because they will provide financial assistance based on deductibles you have given them at the start of your deal. If you want to avoid any problems and misunderstandings with your insurance company, have time to discuss with them all concerns regarding auto collision insurance. Remember, you are a customer, and they are all ears to attend to your needs.